Dove UK/US

Rolling out a series of projects to help today's younger generation reach their full potential



Create a set of templates and components that align with the Dove Self Esteem Project (DSEP), sub-brand visual guidelines and re-use existing components from the Dove 2.0 New Online Experience.



As a Junior UX on the project I had a Lead UX oversee the work I did.

I worked closely with another visual designer and had daily catch-ups with the development teams to confirm the designs we were creating were deliverable from a platform perspective.



With the project being fast paced and as short as a four-week sprint, we had to get through a lot of templates and variations, as well as identify new functionality that the platform team were willing to develop for the new DSEP experience.

Shown below are some screen grabs of research and wireframes which I put together throughout the project. They are aligned to requirements stated in the original client brief and referenced by my visual "buddy team" designer.

Ability to identify yourself as one of 4 audience types: Parents, Teachers, Youth Leaders or Mentors and provide a suitable browsing experience through IA/navigation.

Rich editorial/article layouts with publish dates, latest review dates and action steps to take from the article.

Ability to offer to download materials in multiple formats (PDF, PPT, PPS) and to track the number of these.

Tag articles as Trending Topics/What's New manually for articles that are seasonally relevant on the landing page for DSEP and each hub for each audience. Allow articles to be digestable from the landing page.

Filter articles by: topic; exercise duration; targeted age and audience group; etc.



With key stakeholders taking part in weekly reviews this was an opportunity for the team to showcase additional functionality that would enrich the experience. Through desk research we realised DSEP didn't have a "Back to Top" feature and all the research we conducted around editorial and article pages showed otherwise.

We saw this as a key quick win for the project and I put together a quick prototype in code (HTML5 and CSS3). The main content is a background image but the navigation, progress bar and back to top buttons are code. With the help of my visual design "buddy team" member he was able to provide me with the necessary assets and colour schemes to bring this prototype together.

HTML prototype - "Back to top"



Dove Self Esteen Project went live in 2016 and can be viewed here: Dove - DSEP



Explore Contact Us as a hub and how functionality specific to the US market can be introduced to the site whilst re-using existing components from the Dove 2.0 New Online Experience.



Following the release of Dove UK, SapientRazorfish secured localisation projects for India and US. When I joined the Unilever account the project below was the first project I worked on as a Junior UX designer.

My role was to support a Senior UX with wireframe creation and sketches. This helped me to grow in confidence towards the account and the work I would be doing. I was later give the opportunity to work on DSEP which is shown above where I had more responsibility.

With the launch of Dove UK and the "Web Form" already being defined, my attention turned to the US specific features that are available and how all of these elements would sit on a "Contact Us" page.

US specific features like Live Chat links customers out externally to a third party but Common Questions is an experience that Dove created.

I thought it best to start with the data first:

Based on 144 searches through a one-year period I provided a basic content matrix to the client and highlighted gap areas with actual search terms and live data.

Part of the brief highlighted a requirement to explore how Live Chat could also be surfaced contextually on the Product Detail pages.

As with all projects on Dove, we aimed to create an MVP and a v1.0. The v1.0 is the aspirational experience but sometimes due to technical constraints we have to bring back certain experiences to meet delivery.



Dove US's Contact Us went live in 2016 and can be viewed here: Dove - Contact Us